Saturday, June 14, 2008

Weekend! Stars alive!

Wohoo, weekend! Which I would like to think means "lots o sewing."

But nah, other commitments this weekend, including father's day! We want to do a crab boil. So I need to mosey on over to the seafood market and see if they have enough. This week, I only got 2 stars done in the Star quilt a long. And I also started a pair of black knit capris. Because I've always wanted to try sewing knit, and now I will Make It So. Sewing for myself is a tricky business. I have about 3 different adjustments that should get made, but I have a difficult time doing so. I think I just need to practice, but it gets hard for me to make practice clothing in cheapo fabric when what I REALLY want to do is whip together some cool thing and get on with it. Which is why I like quilting. Cut, sew, iron, arrange. Have a great weekend.


susan said...

i too like whipping up things quickly but they dont always cooperate. sounds like a fun weekend

Jacquie said...

Nice job Rae! I'm itching to get back to my sewing machine!