Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Goodbye Ruby Tuesday

Here's what I have been finishing up the last few weeks.

First, a little nightgown for the dd.

She picked out the fabric at a swap meet and told me she wanted a big ruffle on the bottom. Ai ya ya. But I figured it out. I pieced it together using a ruffle from another pattern. I did a little bias around the armholes and on the hem. Binding is a whole lot easier than hemming.

And I also finished the little quilt for kayakknitter in the mini quilt group on flickr. I hope she's not looking here! She might have it by now...

This was a sew strips, cut, sew little blocks, cut, sew. It was fun and meditative.

I've started reading a book about creativity and making it part of everyday. The book suggests having a small ritual to start off the day, or when entering one's studio. I think that is good advice. I need to develop a ritual that says brain, get going now! Does anyone out there have a ritual like that?

Have a good one.


septemberbird said...

I love that little quilt design. How did the seams behave with all the cutting and resewing? Such an interesting idea ~

Rae said...

They actually behaved pretty well. And I did iron them into submission!

susan said...

sadly i am ritualless!! but i love that idea. i do feel different when i step into my sewing room tho...more calm
pretty nitegown, make me one?? hehe
i like your mini, it looks like it was freeing to make. were you in the plain jane group?