Friday, November 21, 2008

To run away from you was all I could do...

So, today I did something my body has been needing for about 4 days. Long duration, moderate intensity cardio. Let me just remind you, I don't love to exercise, like some people, see husband I married. But, my mind, more than my body needs to exercise. I mean, I've done some days of shorter, high intensity stuff, and fitness yoga, but today was long, hard day. 4 running miles on the treadmill. Wohooooo. Yeah baby. For some of that time, that painful "I wanna quit" time, I thought of my friends KB and PT, athletic momma types. They are always super supportive and excited about each baby milestone I make. Awesome women. Thanks, chicas.

On the craftilicious front, I've been making kitchen curtains. And jammy pants for a boy who needed them. I learned how to use the blind hem stitch and foot. Yay! It's only been 7 years that I got my machine with said feet and stitch.

Have a great weekend everyone. Stay warm, or cool. Whichever hemisphere you're in.


Cary said...

Way to go! I HATE to exercise and I refuse to do so, so do a little cardio for me, please!

Rita said...

Go Rae! I am in desperate need of a return to Curves before I get too many curves! Hee hee hee. A bummed up ankle makes it hard, but I am waiting for the "release date" from the Doc. Exercise and I have a love/hate relationship!!