Monday, January 19, 2009

And may your dreams be realized...

I'll be honest. I love U2. I could wax poetic about them for paragraphs, but I won't. I'll just direct you to listen to "MLK" written waaaay back in the day in 1984 when I was a young teenager. I've been listening to U2 for over 20 years. As you can imagine, seeing them (on tv) perform in front of the Lincoln Memorial was great. It was moving to see Bono so exhuberant and joyful. I wonder if he was reveling in the moment of MLK's dream come true, looking out over the crowd and seeing faces of every color and shape, a hopeful America, joy in the air.

Already, Obama critics have popped up overseas. I think they have missed the point, at least the point as I see it. We are seeing our history made right before our eyes and we are energized by it, not saddened by it. In the midst of difficutl financial times, war, and general despair, our country has hope that is seated in the fact that we have overcome a racial barrier many thought we could not.

I'll end the soapbox talk now and move on to some quilting...

This is the end project of ooak baby quilt for baby nephew. The backing is the same brown Kona cotton as the binding and squares. I wasn't real overjoyed with the quilt when I first finished it, but I like it now.

Tomorrow, as part of the BOCE (Birds of Change Exchange) from Creative Kismet I'll be giving away a handmade birdie. Tune in tomorrow for a chance to win a birdie right here!

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