Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hello again, hello

Poor lonely blog, sitting here patiently, waiting for me to write! I have honestly been enjoying the on again off again spring weather, watching the pear trees flower and leaf, the Jane Magnolia flower and leaf, the cherry trees are in flower, my daffodils came and went (came and froze really) and the hyacinths have come and gone. I have been cleaning up and dividing the lambs ears, one of my very favorite garden plants, and replanting in some pesky spots. We'll see how those come up. I also began taking some of the black eyed susans out of my main flower bed. They took over last year and I missed seeing some other flower that I love more. Like cosmos. Don't worry, the susans have also been transplanted. I think those things will grow anywhere. I'm watching the clematis vine its way up it's little trellis. New for me, I planted 2 roses that are supposed to be vine-like. I also pulled up 8, yes 8, indian hawthornes that looked terrible and have since we moved in. I moved them to a less blazing sunny spot and I hope they make some kind of recovery. In there place, on either side of my huge lavender bush, I planted two bushes whose names I can't remember. I did lots of research and garden center visits before I chose them, so they should work out really well. I just can't remember their names....

So, really, I have been busy! I have also been working on a few WIPs. I was going to tell you all about this fun table runner that is ready to be quilted, but for some reason, the picture upload isn't working. Hmmm. Tomorrow, we'll talk quilt. Cheerio!

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