Thursday, August 6, 2009


Here is the finished top and a close-up, named Starry Day:

I am happy with how it turned out, but I am still waiting to see how my client likes it before I start quilting it. Fingers crossed!

Today I finished making a window seat cushion for a friend's sister in law. It was nice to finish and get paid, but I realized during the process that I really need to be more organized in my work habits, whenever possible. I think I am accustomed to working in 15 minute spurts before I hear "Mooooommmmmm!" I find myself, even when there are no little people around, working for 15 minutes and jumping up, even if I don't need to do that.

Now, I am happily cleaning my studio (on a break!) and my sewing machine is off getting a tune up. The ladies at the shop say I'm supposed to be oiling the dang thing. Whaaat? When I took the classes for it (Bernina 140), they said don't oil it! Hmmm. It sounds like "chunka chunka chunka chunka..." I time this "annual" tune up for vacation time, so it is that time as well. We'll enjoy some sand and water and I will relax, read, drink frou frou drinks and breathe in the salt air. Ahhhhh.

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