Friday, January 28, 2011

These last few weeks, I've been working on a number of things. I was having a hard time actually focusing on one task at a time in the first few months of the year, but I got on the stick and got a fair amount accomplished. I love to sew and given the choice, I would do it about 18 hours a day. But there is life, work, family, friends and these are important as well.

The marathon quilt is chugging along. I just don't have any pictures to show you.

I joined a new free piecing sewing group on Flickr and I love it! Free piecing basically means no pattern. That is so me. "The only rules I follow are the ones I make myself." Seriously, I have a tile in my studio with that printed on it. This month we worked on birds and log cabin houses. Here are the birdies I came up with. Haven't taken photos of the houses yet.

That middle guy looks like a baby dinosaur! hahahahahaha.

I've also worked on some flickr bee blocks:

That first one was actually the second one I did. On this bottom one, I was looking at pattern, not color. Top one, I focused on color. Interesting how I can get very involved in the detail close up and forget to consider the overall effect. Wow. That probably applies to much of my life!

I've also been quilting a baby quilt that a local gal put together and asked me to quilt. That is fun and makes me want to save my pennies for a handiquilter or a long arm. I'll be saving a lot of pennies for those! Have a great Friday friends!

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Jenny said...

Love your mondo birds and your little t-rex. I had to join the free piecing study.