Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wow here is 2011. I'm not a resolutionist type, but I do reflect on the past year and sometimes that makes for some disharmony in my first few days of the New Year. Not that each year has been bad, but I am pretty hard on myself and we all know that time is in short supply in each of our lives.

Or is it? I've been reading some interesting things lately about having our lives reflect what is really important to us instead of reacting to things that come our way. I try not to dwell on regrets, so I will simply say that I am looking forward to seeing more of my friends in 2011, participating more in creative endeavors, and enjoying my little ones more.

This first quarter of 2011 will have me understanding my own creative pursuits, finishing up a commission quilt, and delving into two family gifts. What strikes me as odd are the few quilts I actually have in my own house! This will be the year I make a dent in the UFOs intended for my immediate family and myself.

I am always amazed at the resources online for both quilting and sewing clothes. I have sewn a few garments, mostly for my Thing 1 and I hope to add to my own wardrobe this year. I have been a member of Pattern Review for the last year and I find it to be a helpful, although personally underused, resource. For quilting, Flickr has been my starting, and often stopping, point for inspiration. In fact, I was thinking the other day that joining groups on Flickr allowed me to find my quilting "voice" and still pushes me to try new techniques or color combinations that I normally would not do. I've also virtually met a number of creative, fun, like-minded people that astonish me with their endeavors.

Last year opened up some roads in my life that I never expected, that frankly took me out of many of my creative loops. To manage, I found myself reading, watching movies, and listening to lots of music, which I love to do anyway. The creative process seemed a bit too overwhelming for many of 2010's months, so my brain found solace in things that bring me comfort. That only reminded me how much I love the written word and how important music is in my life. On most days, I listen to The Revolution and NPR. I am a huge fan of my Iphone, Itunes, etc. I regularly listen to This American Life and The Moth. These are small things that give me great joy-listening to stories and excellent reporting.

For my spiritual fix, I listen to Mars Hill podcasts and a few meditation podcasts. In 2010, I started doing yoga about twice a week. I've continued throughout the year and I am happy to say, I am getting into bakasana now, although only for about 5 seconds at a time. I'm okay with that. I have worked out for years, often through painful limitations of feet, back, or legs. Yoga has helped me understand that sometimes the body doesn't need to be beaten into submission, but coaxed into position. I've learned to feel the minute changes a subtle reaching or stretching of a muscle can produce while in poses. Let me assure you, I am not anywhere near Bendy Wendy status, but I feel happy with my practice. This year will involve more of my own home practice now that I feel more confident in the poses.

I also turned 40 this year. The joy in receiving so many well wishes from so many amazing friends gave me a renewed spirit. I am blessed a thousandfold by the love and presence of my friends. They have really buoyed me through the year and kept me in stitches when I needed it.

I hope you have plans for a joyous year. I hope to write more and read more of your blogs and hear about your intentions and favorite things, and the sucky things too. Because life ain't always a bowl of cherries! Cheers friends. Hello 2011!

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