Monday, April 5, 2010

That only blooms in the violet hour

I think a lot about creativity and making it fit into a life that isn't entirely mine-you know-motherhood. I could easily spend hours, literally hours upon hours, in my studio happily making things, but I have people to take care of, people that need care. We all must strike a balance, but that is hard to do.

During Lent, I seriously curtailed my internet hours, particularly Facebook. I found myself reading more mostly, thinking more, still wasting time online more than I should, but not necessarily using that time to create. That is okay because I love to read and I finished a book I never thought I would-the Bible- in 90 days. That was part of a concerted effort in my church and it was a good exercise in solidarity. And sticking to something I didn't necessarily often want to do-which is how creating is for me. I have often felt like I need to "feel like" creating something. Honestly, though, Picasso was right. I am more creative and learn more techniques when I keep at it consistently.

So, after all those words, some pics! Right now, I am doing "something" with the 12 NY Beauty blocks I made a few years ago. I've decided to make 3 separate small 15"ish quilts and mount them to be hung on the wall. This is one pre-quilting which I completed today (the quilting):

I also made something for myself which was much needed:

I made a slew of blocks for bees and swaps, at least it felt that way! And I received a slew of blocks for my bees. What are your ideas about consistent creativity?


Sara said...

I love the NY Beauty blocks. They've been on my 'to-do' list but I find the curve intimidating (even w/ paper piecing). Any tips / tricks?

JournoMich said...

Consistent creativity? BREATHING!

I know it sounds silly, but I get so anxious and frustrated sometimes--young kids, bad economy, other stressers--that the only way to see beauty in every moment is to BREATHE. I have to stop myself quite often and take in a few deep breaths. Then, the children are more precious and my writing is more passionate.


Thanks for the great question. You have inspired a post on my blog for tomorrow...


Rachel Ellington said...

Perfect and so true Michele!

Sara-I learned to do NY B curves using 3 pins and an awl. Shorten your stitch and stop every few stitches and readjust your pieces, using your awl to hold the 2 together while you sew. Sounds time consuming, but it goes by pretty quick. And sew the curves with the biggest piece on top. Alex Anderson has a book w/ a basic NY B in it that would definitely be worth checking out from the library just to work on those. Good luck! Just jump in!