Monday, February 18, 2008

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted! I have been a busy quilter, finishing one charity quilt and starting another! A quilt a month is my goal this year and so far so good. This quilt was easy to put together. The quilting is a simple stitch in the ditch, which I thought would just zoom by, but it didn't. Stitchin in the ditch seemed to take longer than my normal crazy freehand quilting. I always feel slightly chaotic when doing freehand quilting, trying to be one with the machine and get my hands moving the same speed as my is getting easier with practice.

I had some Alone Time recently and I must say it did me some good. Of course, I missed my little people, but everyone needs to recharge batteries. I spent lots of time reading, drinking coffee, and enjoying the beauty of San Diego.

That winter ocean water got my head going about some interesting quilts I’d like to try. I find myself drawn to simple, geometric patterns right now. I’m also working down the stash. A stash is a wonderful thing, but I’ve noticed that by the time I get around to using all of the cool fabric I bought years ago, there is some even cooler fabric on the market! Who can resist Chocolate Lollipop? I figure it’s also important to support the Local Quilt Shops. Shopping online is fun, but I do so love to touch fabric when I buy it.
It's a perfect quilting day today since it is overcast, dreary, and chilly. That's where I'll be today. Working down that stash.

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