Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring is Coming

After a few false starts of cold snaps, it seems that spring is really coming. Of course the daffodils have come and gone. The Bradford pears are almost entirely bright green. The redbud is budding. A few crocus popped up this year. The butterfly bushes are getting bushier since I pruned them back in early March. We had a two week bought with the flu, but all is well now.
I am continuing to work on a baby quilt that I hope will be the first one I put up on etsy. It is taking me longer than I expected, but new venture jitters are normal for me. I have kept the quilting fairly simple - just straight lines. I'll have pictures for my next post. Surprisingly, the only thing I had to buy for this quilt was batting! It is constructed entirely out of my stash.
I've also been making baby steps of progress into the massive collection of photos we have. I have visions of a collage floating around in my head for my youngest. It features a house and right now I am turning over in my head a good way to get photos onto fabric. I've had some success with whatever is sold at the craft stores, but I am not happy with the muted colors. Since I last used the product, we acquired a new printer so I have higher hopes now.
I'll also put a few pics up of my crafty space. I love to see pictures of people's crafty spaces. Always gives me good ideas and tidbits of inspiration. Happy Spring everyone.

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