Monday, June 9, 2008

When the Stars go Blue....

I did it! I got started on the star quilt along! I am planning on making a quilt out of these great stars, so I just need to chug along. I remembered about triangles doing this quilt-precision work. I'm glad the quilt along is one star at a time. Easier to concentrate that way on the points and things.

I've made a full size quilt with lots of half square triangles in the past-for that one I used a plastic template that worked out great. I got it at G Street Fabrics many moons ago.

I made a little WIP list to get done for last week. I got 4/5 done. Not too shabby. The one left is the dad's day gift. Really, it's very small because it will be accompanying some single malt scotch probably. Or some other fun party type drink thing. No ties over here!~
I did receive some lovely goodies from a recent work trip by said dad. Super fun, cute stuff. Here's a little bit of it...I really like the cats' eyes on the stamps. I don't have cats anymore, so this is a good reminder of those funny things. I wish I knew what that Halloween witch with the slash through it meant! No witches, I imagine. And this little white thing on the left is a washcloth! How fun is that? Funky smiling monsters and leaves! I really enjoy all the unique whimsy that seems different from normal run of the mill kid stuff. The dd is trying to make some shrinky dinks with the stamp images, but I wonder if they will come out Lilliputian size. I'm trying to think of fun things to do with the shrinky dink stuff myself. Maybe some olivethebeach keychains? Hmmmm...It's hot here, so guess we're off to the pool to cool off. Cheerio.

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Crafty Turtle said...

I know this is a super old post, but I thought I'd comment anyway in case you read this far back...

I LOVE these stamps and washcloth. I'm not sure if you know what the images are. The images are from Japanese animae movies from the director Hayao Miyazaki. The cat & witch one is "Kiki's Delivery Service" and the washcloth critter is from "My Neighbor Totoro". Both are two of my favorite movies ever - and great for kids.

I'll bet these items are worth some money nowadays! They are so freakin' cute! Just thought I'd put my two cents in!