Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I've been busy at my sewing machine, but I think she might need a tune up. Every few stitches the machine sounds kinda clunky. But I don't wanna drop her off at the shop for a whole week! She (the machine) doesn't have a name, and I'm wondering if I want to go that route...hmmmmm.

I am almost finished with the Laugh quilt for the summer class over at Lazy Gal's blog. It's coming along and I decided to make it into a wall hanging. But, you know, I'm just not ga-ga over it. Usually when I'm not crazy about something I've made, I get it out of my sight, but I think I'll just keep on quilting (keep on quilting, keep on quilting...)

I don't have any pretty pictures to show right now. Need to charge up the camera. I have been working on lots of things like some applique onesies for a friend's new baby, a nightgown for dd, dishtowels for moi, mini quilt swap, quilt for dd. I received lots of fun new fabric that I had ordered and I am now getting to the point where it is getting tight in my fabric cabinet. That just means I have to sew faster, right????

I scored some really fun things at Goodwill the other day. The most cool was a yogurt maker that I have been eyeballing on amazon for awhile. I told myself I would get one if I ever saw one at Goodwill. Five dollars later, I was a happy girl. Watch out homemade yogurt, here I come! To go with the cheapo yogurt maker, I had to go to Barnes and Noble and get a fun book called Wild Fermentation to learn how to make the yogurt and various other fun things like kimchee and sauerkraut. But later, because right now my friends in the neighborhood have been incredibly generous with their lovely tomatoes and I am in a gazpacho mood. Tootles!

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