Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Will Buy You a New Life

So, what I did last weekend and into the week was take this old thing,

rip out it's seat innards,made a pattern out of the old fabric (which my dd dramatically told me was so ugly it made her want to throw up),
and recovered it with this fun fabric!

I was armed with a screwdriver, a hammer, and a staple gun for this project. No thread involved! The funny story behind this chair is that while my husband and I were poking around in an antique store, he saw it and liked it and asked what I thought. Yeah, sure, I said, ASSUMING it was going to be HIS office chair. You know what assuming does, right boys and girls? Well, when we got it home, that sucker ended up in my sewing room. So much for the IKEA chair I had in mind. But in the end, this is better because I like old things and I actually covered a chair, new foam and all. It has good bones, this chair, real wood and all. Happy Upcoming Friday!

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