Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ugh, it happened again!

It's been 2 weeks again! Just like that. whew. I've been working on bits and pieces of various projects, with a few things complete. I also had a birthday and even made and wrote out thank you notes! Yay! Here they are:

I've also been working on a few collage items, some sewing projects, and of course, the requested Halloween costume by DD and curtains. Of course, and somewhat sadly for my creative processes, tv started again, so the hub and I are watching a few more shows than before. I've started reading The Sound of Paper by Julia Cameron. One of the very first exercises is to make a list and wohooo I love to make lists! I think I might actually buy this book and let the library have it back. Off to cook some dinner!


jacquie said...

happy birthday!!! hope it was FAB!

Rae said...

It was! thanks Jacquie!