Friday, May 14, 2010

I'll stop the world

Sometimes, life throws a curve ball. I don't play sports, so I'm thinking one should either get out of the way or get smacked by the ball. After my period of intense sewing to get ready for a show, I'm back to my puttering about the studio. The show went well, although foot traffic was slow. Some friends stopped by to see me, which is always fun. And as always, I had time to think about what sells, what doesn't and what I really want to be spending my time doing. Sewing, naturally. The summer is coming up and as a sahm, that means I won't be sewing as much as during the school year. I like to sketch and read though when we're at the pool or the beach and that helps to keep my ideas percolating. I've decided I have way too much fabric, so I may be going on a fabric diet this summer as well until I sew down some of this stash. Does the summer change what you do?


Michele Emrath said...

Hmmm...Yes. Why is there no school in the summer? Maybe yearround has the right idea.


Sara said...

Yes and no. My dh is a teacher and he always looks forward to summer vacation. He has a list of places to go, things to do, etc. For me, it's another day of work, same old-same old. I struggle, sometimes, with it b/c he's in 'vacation' mode and I'm not. It usually takes us a week or so to get in to a summer groove. I find that I don't sew as much in my sewing room during the summer. This summer I'm going to work on hexies - I figure since they're portable and small it will give me a sewing fix during the hot months. Also, I find I do more knitting in the summer - again, it's portable.

Rachel Ellington said...

Sara-I'll look forward to seeing your hexies! Might be time for me to dig into my crochet projects again.