Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I don't have a lot of quilty pictures to post. Sadness! For the last few weeks, I have been working on getting things done before my sister's wedding, traveling to wedding, helping with wedding, and now I am home. I made one girly dress, a feather hairpiece, 7 boutonnieres, and 11 quilt blocks for my local guild bee. Whew. Just writing that made me tired.

I did have a great time in Salt Lake City hanging with my sister and doing lots of wedding prep and being the "wedding manager" as she called it. We had some fun times with our cousins (there are five of us ranging in age from 39-28ish) and assorted aunts and uncles. SLC is beautiful and it has lots of fun, funky places to check out. We had a wonderful sushi dinner at Takashi with my parents and one kid. Had drinks and played pool with the hubby at the Green Pig on a sneak away from the kids afternoon. On the Sunday after the wedding, my husband and cousin headed down to Squatters to watch soccer. Of course, I joined later, cause I do love a pub. One morning we had breakfast at Ruth's Diner which has the largest biscuits I've ever seen. And beautiful scenery too.

I had no time to go fabric shopping :(. But all that good food was great. Promise, next time, quilty pictures.

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