Saturday, June 26, 2010

A little bit

Who comes home from the beach with a cold???? Yep, me. Luckily, the humidity outside of my house makes it feel like 104 degrees, so I keep going outside for relief. Crazy! Since I can't taste anything, I went to the farmers market in Raleigh to buy pretty things.

Pretty, right? Tomatoes, bell pepper, cukes for gazpacho, peaches for eatin', patty pan squash to be stuffed with shrimpies, and I just couldn't resist that beautiful basil and mint. And I might fry the okra. Even if I can't taste, it will still be pretty.

I did finish up another set of quilt blocks for the Bee Lovely flickr bee. The instructions and parts that came from Tigerlita looked intimidating at first. But, the block actually came together quite easily.

I was thinking this block would be really interesting in Cool Stream Modern Meadow prints. Joel Dewberry fabrics are often my favorites.

When I came back, my Kona cotton color card was waiting for me! I ordered it from Purlsoho. Super quick shipment from them. It is heavenly-like fabric paint chips.
I needed it to match a particular orange to the UT orange for a quilt commission. And now I can drool over all the pretty colors I want as well! In fact, I think I'll go drool over those colors right now. Have a great weekend.

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Petra said...

A Kona colour card!!! I always wondered why there was no such thing... thanks for sharing that, I will have to get one, too!
And please get well soon!!