Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sunshine and Rain

Classic funk tunes have been bouncing around in my head this week.

I promised some quilty photos, so I will do that to start off with. Also, a question-what photo software do you use? I have been using Corel because it came with the computer and in the past I have used Adobe which is very similar to Corel. However, I've noticed that Corel changes the colors of my pictures and when I upload them to say RitzPix, the pictures look like those Obama posters. Not what I am looking for in my photos!

Here is a block I started and finished today for the Buzzcut flickr quilt group. Sunflowerquilt sent us the tutorial link by Little Miss Shabby. I wasn't familiar with her blog, but now she's on my reader! Talk about pretty things!

I found this great post on Zenhabits about the habits of highly creative people. I myself endeavor to be highly creative, but sometimes only manage slightly creative. The post offers some interesting suggestions from successful creative types that I enjoyed reading. One must always remember though that what works for one person, might not for another. The only disappointing part of the article was the section on "Creative Greats." I would have enjoyed seeing some women mentioned because I tend to appreciate the ways in which women are able to be creative because often, our creativity has to be fit into our lives while we care for others. Off the soapblog now :).

One of my habits, of the slightly creative person if you will, is straightening up my studio whenever I start feeling stuck or making faces when I walk in the door. I really honestly do better work when my area is relatively neat and tidy. Here are some photos of my clean studio. No befores here!

There is only one item on my cutting table! You may have seen it before. I started working on the little table runner before my last show. I am just getting around to binding it now that all the sisterly wedding stuff is done.

When I got this fabric, I really liked it. I still really liked it when I cut into it. However, I think I should have gone with another coordinating fabric because now I don't like it as much as I did when I bought it. Oh well! So tell me about some of your favorite blogs to get your creative mind churning.

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