Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Aw man and false starts

I received a bag of lovely little girl clothes and big girl shirts to make a quilt for a friend's daughter who is heading off to college in the fall. I love these projects and she had such a great idea to save her most favorite kid clothes to turn into something memorable. I definitely feel the pressure to do a bang up job and honor this special quilt!

I have run into some challenges though. I thought since I would be using some knits in the quilt, I should try and do a paper pieced quilt to cut down on the stretching. When I did the marathon quilt, I used both fusible and sewn interfacing to face each tshirt. That was time consuming, and in addition, I wasn't 100% happy with the appearance of the fused tshirts after washing. I nixed that idea for this quilt. These pieces will be much smaller, so that is a bonus.

After much thought, sketching, more thought, sketching, I thought I had a great idea. But I wasn't in love with it, though I thought I could make it work. It's a traditional square in square block.

You heard that, right? Traditional. As in, not really me. I started four blocks and after the fourth one, I just knew the quilt and I, as planned, would not be continuing our relationship. It didn't feel right, I couldn't see how it would all come together and look right, so I scrapped that idea.

Panic! New idea!!! I always go to flickr first. And I did and came up with a gallery of favorites that caught my eye for this project. So, off I go again. To choose and to begin and to finish. I'm glad I have learned to trust my quilting gut enough to call uncle when necessary. I'll keep ya posted. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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