Wednesday, July 6, 2011


My quilt projects for this month are numerous, if only in my head! I am working on a "true mini" for a flickr group. I scratched my head for awhile because mini isn't really my speciali-T. But, it's time to stretch myself. I thought maybe paper piecing would be good for a mini in order to keep my seams straight and true. I found a cool mini snail's trail and printed off my pages. And picked out some fabric. And voila:

What the heck happened? I don't know. It looked like bad origami on the right side. And you know, I'm fairly proficient at paper piecing. I sad ta heck with that and started something else that felt right and is stretching me a bit in the applique department. Here is how I started with some teeny tiny circles. All of which remind of that Richard Scarry story The Teeny Tiny Woman.

Then I got some cool fabrics cooked up and am off to a start and almost a finish. Hope my swappee likes it!

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