Thursday, March 27, 2008

All That Jazz

Here we are: a pic of quilty in progress. I am enjoying the colors and feel calmed by them each time I work on it. The turquoise is a nice batik bought some time ago. I've also used it for the backing and binding, which is patiently waiting for me on my craft table. As always, I have many, many ideas percolating in my head. I hesitate to make a master list of ideas or wips because I don't want to feel overwhelmed by my crafties! It is a relaxing hobby and it should stay as such, right?

As I folded clothes this morning and listened to an All Things Considered podcast (bless you ITunes), the interviewee mentioned that sisterhood is powerful. "Duh!" I thought in my head. So, in gratitude, thank you to all my friends out there, each of whom inspires me and makes me laugh and gives me warm fuzzies when I think of you. Enjoy the spring.

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