Saturday, March 29, 2008

Here is some of my space! These cabinets were already installed in the room when we bought the house, what a bonus for me! And those cabinets and drawers are full of crafty items. I'm almost done with the turquoise quilt. Just working on the binding now. I'm trying a new method to machine sew the entire binding on, not just one side. I'll let you know how that goes. I am a terrible hand sewer. Although, strangely, I do enjoy sashiko.
I've had some productive craft days lately, but the laundry has fallen by the wayside. A friend had a scrapbook night at her house and I completed 4 pages there, and another 4 pages the next day at home. Making headway! Once all these hard copy photos are in scrapbooks, I'm going digital.
Mother Nature gave us a bit of cold weather back this weekend. What's up with that? My clematis is snaking up the trellis and I sure hope it isn't affected by this cold snap. I'm patiently waiting to throw out some cosmos seeds.
Since it's college basketball playoffs, I'm off to sew and let the husby have his time with the tv.


momrocks4u said...

I too mother, craft and try to clean as little as possible! I love that! How awesome that you quilt and they are quite amazing. Quilting is on my One day I'll learn to do that list. Take care and keep up the good work

Forsberg/Ono said...

Love your pictures...very beautiful area you live in! Good luck in your goal of a quilt a month:)