Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Quilt Picture!

I made this quilt for my bf's baby back in December. I was so excited to give it to her, I totally forgot to take pictures of it! No worries, I knew I would get pics from her. She thinks it took her a long time to get around to it-ha! That is called "on momma time." There is nothing like a baby to get down to basic priorities. There are more pics of it on my flickr page.

I was also excited because I knew how much my bf would appreciate the quilt. She's a painterly type artist and has been ultra-supportive and engaging about my quilting and sewing. Sewing this quilt was a calm, joyful experience...and I did it on a deadline! I hope baby enjoys it for a long time.
I had a very productive spring break last week. I was on a scrapbook kick, after going to a scrap at a friend's house. I sorted through 3 years of photos and made probably 15 pages. I will finish! I did realize after about 14 pages that I was toast and had to put it all away for a little while. Most of those pages are verrry simple. But done.
I also finished the turquoise quilty! And tomorrow, pictures. My picture system is a bit tedious.
And I finished a sushi got it...tomorrow.
So, a few of my favorite things...British colloquialisms...such as: going to hell in a handcart; billy two sheds; wanker; daft as a brush; shanks pony;sticky wicket...


jenclair said...

I'm sure your friend was thrilled to get such a beautiful quilt! The fact that it was made with love also counts.

Rae said...

Thank you!