Saturday, April 26, 2008

Love the Weekend

Sometimes I build too much expectation into the weekend. I have a running list in my head of things I will FINALLY get done. Some are mundane: laundry folded, winter clothes put away, drawers organized. Some are much more creative: starting a new quilt, contemplating quilt designs, reading magazines, making nightgowns. Alas, those creative things just didn't get done today. But I did finish a pillowcase dress this week for a friend to give as a gift! Score! And a minky baby blanket. Score! I love when I get the unexpected few hours of crafty sew time, but it just didn't happen today. Maybe tomorrow.

How lovely is that clematis? It's actually two that I bought at the end of a season when each had one pitiful bloom and looked as though it would be potbound for life. Sometimes finds from that bargain plant rack work out! We spent some time last weekend cleaning out part of our yard and planting some baby hostas that just cropped up. It's nice to have consistent spring weather. That also means, it's time to plant a few more things.

In a technique vein, I never did figure out how to use the simple binder foot. It may be making its way over to ebay. Pinning the binding around the armholes seems much easier than fiddling with that attachment foot. I still am curious about the binder foot for quilting. I will say that those little Clover binders are great! So much better than practically burning my fingers with a hot iron. My aloe plant fears for it's little life around here.

Have a great weekend.


AJ said...

What an adorable dress! How did you make it?

Rae said...

Here's the link:
Thanks for stopping by my blog!