Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's been a month?????

Chair nook
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Really, where does the time go? I really thought it had been only about 2 weeks since I posted. Guess not! I've had what could be called a studio windfall. My husband has officially moved his home office (which shared a space with the craft room) to another room. I can hardly believe my good fortune and the good humor of the hubby (in this matter anyway). Seems he is just as tired of threads, fabric scraps, and straight pins littering the floor as I am of office detritus. Now, I gave him about a day to change his mind, and when he didn't, I promptly moved my sewing machine to the part of the room that has these awesome spotlights. And I scored this comfy chair and turned the nook (where I use to sew) into a cozy reading spot for me and the kidlets.

I also put up a rudimentary design board-just some white felt and black ribbon. I've got big plans for this space in my head! Well, not the SPACE in my HEAD, but in my head, there are big plans for this space. Whew, mommying can take a toll on communication.

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susan said...

hehe glad you dont have plans for the space in your head!! i love your little reading nook, esp the yellow walls and that chair!