Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lazy Gal Class and other fun stuff!

Lazy Gal Class
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I know it looks like I've got multiple personalities and blog entries going on today, but really I don't. I am having a problem uploading photos to blogger and until the hubby can help me out, I'm doing this from flickr!

So, WIPs! And not the Indiana Jones kind either. I've got WIPs going on! First off, I've been lucky enough to join LazyGal's summer quilting class. We'll be working on repetition. Here's what I've got so far (up there). I blogged about it on the aforementioned Lazy Gal site. Intentions, ideas, intrigue! For me, anyway...

And I've joined the Mini Quilt swap on Flickr. Yup yup. When my swapee gets her mini quilt, I'll post pics. I really enjoyed making the little thing and it's quite fun if I do say so myself. The binding gave me a quilting headache. I tried to use an itsy bitsy 1/2" binding. Not so good. I tore the whole thing off and started anew and gave up on the teensy weensy mitered corners.

I'm hoping that these new group endeavors will help me be a bit more regular in my STUDIO. Aha! I now have my OWN studio!!!!! That just sounds great. I'll leave on that note. Have a good one.


susan said...

oh i love your letters!! where did you find directions for these? i have wanted to try my hand at them

Rae said...

I found them here:
Really fun and easy!

susan said...

thanks rae!!!