Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mini Quilt Time!

Happy Dance! That is what I did when the picture came up on the blog because I have been having serious problems uploading here and etsy, and occassionally flickr. Actually, I thought about doing a happy dance, but let's be honest, A.M. Sunday morning and I'm still in bed.

This mini quilt (whose size I now don't remember but is around 8" x 8") is for my swap partner over at the mini quilt swap group on flickr. Love it! I received mine from Taylynnsbean. She made this great mermaid dolphin quilt and handquilted it! Which is fabulous because when anyone asks if I handquilt, I cackle like a halloween witch on halloween. I tried it once and was utterly disgusted with my stitches and the whole time factor.

You may have noticed that the Jane Sassaman fabric (funky yellow, blue, green one) is making quite an appearance lately. Well, I'm almost out of that stuff. I will be sad when it is gone. Internet searches have not turned up anything. I know I'm supposed to buy yards of a fabric I love, but honestly, until I use it, I don't know that I love it. And with that one, it took me awhile to start some projects in which it would be fun and not overwhelming.

Since my friend KB laughed about my mommyhood comment the other day (and I do love a good laugh, though not usually at my own expense), I'll tell you another good "mommy needs more sleep and is not thinking correctly" story: It's hot here now, summer hot. Which means air conditioning in the car hot. I put on the air in our old car that still gets great gas mileage, and it felt lukewarm, not cool, and definitely not cold. Thinking hmmmmm, about our longish morning school commute, I drive straightaway to the place near the house where I get the oil changed. I drive up and tell the guy that my air isn't working well, maybe not at all. He sticks his hand over the vent and tells me they only recharge air and he wouldn't recommend it since that might not be the problem and it costs $100. Random hunge on something that might not work? I think not. So, I drive off wondering where I could take it and I hear this little, peep of a voice in my head that whispers "is the air really on?" So I look down, and whaddya know, NOPE! Air is not even ON. Good thing I didn't even get out of the car at the oil change place. I wouldn't have been able to go there anymore!

Have a good Sunday.

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