Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cutting to the chase about sugar

Lookie there! Something new I finally posted on Etsy because finally I could upload pics. Maybe it wasn't my computer after all...

Well, the new studio is a blessing. I say that before delving into my usual half-empty glass shtick. I walked into it today, after a "Happy Birthday Nana" afternoon and wanted to shut the door and wish upon a star. My husband will be shaking his head knowingly. As in knowing that I have a hard time not starting umpteen projects simultaneously and then having them spread all over the room. Sigh. These aren't the plans in my head!!!!

I was so overcome with sugar fatigue (from aforementioned cake) that I decided to take the night off from sewing and crafting. Just to get my head in order, I said to myself. Because right now, I just don't know where to begin. It's a giant puzzle. Do I start the new projects to beautify my space and inspire my mind, or do I just get things put away and go nice and slow with the "inspiration"? The practical part of myself just reminded me that this is a non-issue. There are far more important things in the world, so get in there and get it cleaned up! I do realize that having so many projects going on at one time may be a way to slow myself down and not really look at what type of quilting/sewing/crafting business I want to get into because of fear. Yep, I might be a tired mom, but I got that whole self reflection thing down pat.

Speaking of tired and that yummy birthday cake I had today, my BF gave me one of those sentences that she often gives. The kind that reminds me how dang long she has known me. Is freakin' forever an adequate description? I called her on my ride home and was jabbering her ear off when she said, very politely, "Did you have a big piece of cake today at your mom's?" I cracked up inside. She continued "Because you sound kind of like when you use to drink all those cokes. You know, all funny and witty." My mind flopped over and I think I actually said (and happily thought) "Maybe I should start drinking those again!" And she immediately replied, "Noooo, no because those are bad for you. Those are not good for you." And she meant me specifically. Because coke the drink does get me all crazed, like I'm on an all day coke-acoaster. If they had a Coke drinker's Anonymous, I would have to be there. Why? Because I have the superwoman ability to drink a 2 liter in less than 2 hours. I kid you not. Not just drink it, but enjoy it. Each and every sweet, cold, carbonated sip. It ain't the cocoa bean so much for me folks, it's the coke on ice!

Unfortunately, due to some uncomfortable physical reactions, I had to give up coke and it's sugar. While I love coke, it doesn't love me. It's taken me this long in my life to see what sugar does to me. And it ain't purty. But sounds like, at least according to my BF, it's at least funny. And that is the sad thing about being a tired mom. The funny, witty part of me makes rare appearances. There is hope, I am sure. Hope without the cold coca cola.

Have a good Monday. Cause you know, Mondays generally suck. Unless you're looking down a sweating glass of iced coke. But I'm not and I won't. Really.

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