Friday, January 1, 2010

Oh NO!

Sigh, it is true. My brand new lovely aqua camera is lost. My fam and I have torn up the house and cars looking for, where can you be????? Come back!!! Unfortunately, the MIA camera means I can't post any pics now. I am giving said camera 5 days to turn up before I start to think it is really truly gone. But I must say, this totally bums me out.

What I would show you, if I could, is my cutting table covered in scraps cut into consistent sizes. The better to sew them up my dear! My scrap box is a hard plastic 12" by 12" by 14" container w/ a lid that folds back in half or just pops off. I bought it last year sometime when I decided stuffing my scraps in a drawer was not working...and the scraps were taking over as well. While I am working on a project, I keep a pretty African basket next to my cutting board and I just throw any scraps for that project, no matter the size, in the basket along with any leftover yardage I may need. Then, when the project is done, I stuff all the scraps in the box. I've had it in my head for awhile to neaten that stuff up and make it easy to use, so that is what I have been doing for the last few days. Thankfully, I've come up with some good ideas for using those pesky scraps, which are now nicely cut squares, rectangles, and strips.

I've taken care of my few sewing responsibilities for January...again, I can not show you as my camera is MIA, but that is a good thing. February is "my month" in Buzz Cuts, so I only need to cut all my fabrics...which I would show you but...

I am going to tackle some UFOs and pull together some scrap projects this month. I've also been brainstorming about new things to make for my Etsy shop. Not to mention all the project my sewingly neglected family wants me to make for them. I had such a productive December that I am hoping to carry on with that trend in January.

Happy New Year!

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