Sunday, January 3, 2010

Woot! Found!

After my hub and I had given up on ever finding my new lovely camera, I found it! Apparently Thing 2 had "placed" it in a special place for me. Good thing I opened that container! Having found the camera, here are some pics of my stacks of scraps cut down to easy to use sizes:

What's not readily apparent is that each stack is about 3" tall. Churning, churning, churning ideas about those scraps. In fact, after finding my little aqua beauty of a camera, I decided to make a striking camera case, just in case it wants to go on walk about again.

It was an easy peasy case. I just cut 2 pieces of fabric 15" by 5", sewed on a 2" piece of elastic, layered those fabrics with a piece of batting and sewed them together leaving a hole at the top with the elastic. Then, I turned it out, pressed it, folded the bottom up to a height I liked, and topstitched it in place. Hand sewed a button (blech on the hand sewing!) and voila! I'm thinking of jazzing this up and bit and putting some in my etsy shop.

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