Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sewing Goodness

Remember all those scraps? Well, I got busy with them! Actually only about 10 pieces of them, but that is a start. I worked on my ipod case and here are a few that I created, now stocked in my etsy store:

That is just a sampling of the ones I have done. There are more views on my flickr page as well.
I am trying to come up with some new products, like those for my etsy store this year. Quite a few of my items from last year made great teacher gifts for Christmas. I still haven't tackled any of my family's sewing projects. Yikes! Is there enough time in the day?

If you are on Facebook, you can find me there as well under Olivethebeach. That seems to be an easy way to keep up with friends and favorite businesses lately. Hope your winter is going well!

1 comment:

jacquie said...

these are cute! i need to make one for my ipod instead of letting it float at the bottom of my purse.